contrib/gel/gkll File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
contrib/gel/gkll/gkll_kl.cxx [code]
contrib/gel/gkll/gkll_kl.h [code]Interface to use Kanade-Lucas algorithm
contrib/gel/gkll/gkll_kl_params.cxx [code]
contrib/gel/gkll/gkll_kl_params.h [code]Interface to set Kanade-Lucas parameters
contrib/gel/gkll/gkll_multi_view_data.cxx [code]
contrib/gel/gkll/gkll_multi_view_data.h [code]Class to hold the matched points through multi views
contrib/gel/gkll/gkll_multi_view_data_vertex_sptr.h [code]A smart pointer on a gkll_multi_view_data<vtol_vertex_2d_sptr>

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