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Publications in Computational Chemistry on Molecular Docking, Flexibility, Conformation, etc., by :

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"A central question for the docking problem is how to represent the geometry of the cavity, an how to compare it to the geometry of the ligand." (Kavraki)

Conformation: unique 3D shape of a molecule which corresponds to a global minimum of its total energy, specified only by the chemical composition of the molecule (e.g., consider the problem of protein folding).

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A Geometric Approach to Molecular Docking and Similarity

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Technical Report CSD-TR-94-017, CS, Purdue U., March 1994.

Geometric problems in molecular biology and robotics

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Molecular Docking: A Problem with Thousands of Degrees of Freedom

M. Teodoro, G.N. Phillips, Jr., and L. Kavraki
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