Our research focuses on designs and algorithms for real-time digital signal processing/speech processing-based systems.

In our lab, a huge microphone-array (HMA) system that supports real-time processing and data acquisition for 512 microphones has been in operation for more than seven years. It is still in use for algorithm research and data acquisition. A new microphone array (HMA2) of 128 microphones has just been built. We implemented a new locationing algorithm (SRP-PHAT using SRC) in real-time on this new array. In the future, we would like to design a teleconference environment between the two arrays.

Other research areas include speech recognition, reconfigurable computing, etc.






Our head model for human talker 
                                               Professor: Harvey F. Silverman
                                                          Director of LEMS
      Current PhD students: PhD's Awarded: Masters' Degrees Awarded:
       Hoang Do   Ying Yu[2007]   Hoang Do[2007]
       Matthew Gillette Joshua Sachar[2004] Matthew Gillette[2007]
       Avram Levi   Tadd Hughes[2001] Avram Levi [2007]
       Brian Reggiannini   John Adcock[2001] Daniel Casimiro[2007]
        Joseph Dibiase[2000] Michael Herman[2005]
        Paul Meuse[2000] Sheldon Provost[2004]
        Douglas Sturim[1999] Ying Yu[2003]  
        Stuart Kirtman[1998] Matthew Sousa[2002]
        Aaron Smith [1998] Joshua Sachar[2000]
        Daniel Mashao [1996] Michael Snyder [1999]
        Yoshihiko Gotoh [1996] Hyun Kyu Yun [1997]
        Michael Wazlowski [1996] Hong-Seok Kim [1997]
        Michael Brandstein [1995] James Kessler[1996]
        Jonathan Foote [1994] Laurie Chapman[1994]
        Michael Hochberg [1993] Mark Rapaport [1993]
        Peter Athanas [1992] John Adcock [1993]
        Les Niles [1991] Joseph DiBiase [1993]
        Krishna Nathan [1991] Michael Wazlowski [1992]
        Victor Alvarado [1990] Yoshihiko Gotoh [1991]
        James Rayfield [1988] Michael Blaine [1990]
        Susan Miller [1988] Michael Curran [1990]
        David Morgan [1988] Gregory Leeming [1989]
        Yi Teh Lee [1988] Michael Hochberg [1989]
          Hamid Wasti [1989]
            Tracey Jones [1988]
            Michael Karam [1987]
            Elizabeth Wilson [1986]
            James Rayfield [1985]
            Susan Miller [1985]
            David Morgan [1985]
            Esther Ovadia [1985]
            Wendy Kessler [1984]
            Jay Rubinstein [1983]
            Larry Lewis [1983]
            Zwei Amitai [1983]
            Les Niles [1983]
            Carolyn Vickroy [1982]
            David Hackman [1982]
            Dominic Dominijanni [1982]




Recent Publications


  •  1.  A. Levi and H.F.Silverman, “A Robust Method to Extract Talker Azimuth Orientation Using a Large Aperture Microphone Array,” in IEEE Transactions of Speech and Audio Processing, vol. 18, no. 2, pp. 277 – 285, Feb. 2010 [pdf]

  •  2.  H. Do and H. F. Silverman, “Stochastic Particle Filtering: A fast SRP-PHAT single source localization algorithm,” in Proceedings of the IEEE Workshop on Applications of Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing 2009 (WASPAA 2009), New Paltz, New York, Oct. 2009, pp. 213 – 216[pdf]

    •  3.  A. Levi and H. F. Silverman, “A new algorithm for the estimation of talker azimuthal orientation using a large aperture microphone array,” in Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo 2008 (ICME 2008), Germany, June 2008, pp. 565 – 568[pdf]

      •  4.  H. Do and H. F. Silverman, “A method for locating multiple sources using a frame of a large-aperture microphone array data without tracking,” in Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing 2008 (ICASSP 2008), Las Vegas, NV, Apr. 2008, pp. 301 – 304[pdf]


        For more publications and other downloadable materials (data, Matlab codes, etc.), please visit our Download page.